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Ustedes means "you"?

Hi everybody,

im from Germany and have just started the spanish course. The App tells me that ustedes means you. But you means tu or vosotros as far as i know. Ustedes should be translated as they? Please someone tell me if i am Correct or Not.

Bye :)

July 1, 2014



Uds. is the plural formal you. Ud. is the singular. And I'd add: Duolingo really needs to teach the abbreviations. That's how they're usually written.


Ustedes is plural, like if you're saying to your friends, "You are awesome."
Usted is for if you're talking to one person.
"They" is "ellas" or "ellos" for girls or boys.
Tu is a possessive adjective -- you will learn about that later on.
I don't know what vosotros is. Sorry! :)

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Ustedes is "you (plural)", and tú is "you (singular)". Vosotros is "you (informal) - Spain", and has its own conjugations, which Duolingo does not teach (and therefore, vosotros is hardly, if ever, used.


Ustedes means "you all".

If you are talking to a GROUP of people (2 or more people) use "ustedes".

If you are talking to ONE person, use "usted".


Thanks for your comments. I was also searching for this "problem" on the internet and i think it is the following:

Duolingo teaches: englisch - spanish

It is focused on american/latin spanish, and in my course in germany we learn european spanish.

That is sad because i like the app well but there will be a conflict between my course and this...

Spanish in europe is like:

I - yo; you - tú; he/she/it - él/ella/usted; we - nosotros (-as); you - vosotros (-as); they - ellos/ellas/ustedes;

Maybe someone can confirm this or tell me if i am completely wrong ;-)


You are essentially correct but ustedes means you (all) formal not they, in the same way that usted is grouped with he/she/it and means you (formal).

In Castilian Spanish ustedes is not often used and the more common vosotros is used instead, whereas vosotros is rarely used in Latin-American Spanish.

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