"Tha eun mòr."

Translation:A bird is big.

December 12, 2019



I have difficulty hearing the difference between eun and Iain


I asked my gaidhlig-speaking friend about this and apparently they are pronounced differently... I can't hear it


I do hear the difference. The 'n' in 'Iain' is soft, more like 'ny' . But I still wrote 'Iain' instead of 'eun', because 'Iain is big' gave more sense to me than 'A bird is big'. And obviously I wasn't paying attention properly.


It's subtle, but I hear eun as "ee-UN," and Iain as "ee-AYN" (the second i being pronounced as "eye")


I can hear the different pronunciation but I'm from Edinburgh so we say iain like the Gaelic pronunciation of eun. I have had a few chuckles out of this. I imagine myself first time in a Gaelic speaking town calling people called Iain, bird.


What is the difference between 'a big bird' (probably a more common thing to say) and 'a bird is big'.


I think the difference is just that one has the verb "tha" and the other doesn't. "Eun mor" (word for word) = "(a) bird big", and in English idiom "a big bird". While "Tha eun mor" (word for word) = "Is a bird big" and in English idiom, "A bird is big." Hope that helps :)


Dod the same too; Iain instead of uan. Really wasn't very clear to me!!


He is saying Iain instead of eun again.


The difference between Iain and eun needs to be more distinct if you expect us to learn

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