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"Tha Dùn Èideann ceart gu leòr."

Translation:Edinburgh is ok.

December 12, 2019



Hard to make out the audio


Only ok? Did a Glaswegian write this?


Difficult to make out speaker


Very hard to distinguish the individual words in the audio.


I can hear it on my mobile. The full sentence is funny and hard to understand. When you press the individual words someone else says it clearer.

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How would I say "Is Edinburgh ok"?


A bheil Dùn Èideann ceart gu leòr?


I don't know how many weeks I've been learning and only just tried the 'tips' . Did I miss some introduction or other? :-( Wish I could begin again.


They're not available on the mobile app. :(


Me either. If you let the learning go in this language well any of them actually, the circle around a learned skill gets what looks like a wiggly piece of pie missing from it. Then you do lessons again to restore it back to where it was. I don't know how far the wiggly pie shape goes back, maybe to the start.


Can someone please type how "leòr" is pronounced. I can't seem to make that sound correctly.


I'm not a native speaker so I can't guarantee my take on it is good, but I think it works best if you think of it as two syllables but then say it very fast so it blurs into one syllable.

The L is pronounced just as an English L.

E as in "me", but cut very short, not held for more than a small fraction of the time you would in English.

O as in the English "or" and held much longer than the E was. (About the same as the English "or")

As much as possible, try to blend the E and O together into a single vowel sound. It's as if you are only trying to say the O but the E is modifying how the beginning of the O comes out.

And then R which is almost the same as an English "r" except that the tongue should come up and touch the top of the mouth, making it sound almost like a voiceless "d" but on this word is not held for long enough for the "d" sound to be heard, so if you just do a regular English "r" it will probably pass.


I love this lady's elderly voice.

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