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  5. "Tha Iain à Aimearaga."

"Tha Iain à Aimearaga."

Translation:Iain is from America.

December 12, 2019



the essential Gaelic-English dictionary spells aimearaga ameireaga


The Learn Gaelic Dictionary defines "Aimearaga" as "American". And the continent of America as "Aimeireagaidh". The preposition from, à, is defined as "out (of), which suggests tha "à Aimeireagaidh" should be the correct usage here. What word should be used for United States of America?


At first I thought she said "Tha i a Aimearaga" after the app telling me twice I was typing engish and listening 5+ times I realized that she might be saying Iain. :/


Answered correctly several times and it wont except it. I cant pass this lesson


Same. Kept telling me I was typing in english.

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