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  5. "Cheese and ham."

"Cheese and ham."

Translation:Càise agus hama.

December 13, 2019



I'm not sure why but Gaelic is very similar to Norwegian.


Because we were invaded by the Norse and continued to communicate with our neighbours ever since. Some people describe Gaelic as 'Irish with a Norwegian' accent. All our sailing and sea-fishing terms are the same. We have the Germanic -en plural that does not exist in Irish (although we spell it (e)an). Just look on a map at the coastal placenames in the North West and the Islands to see how much influence the Norse had. You will even understand a lot of the names.


I dont know how to use the accents when i type ??? Im also doingbthis on my cellphone


On most cellphones you can press and hold any key and you get offered a range of accents. For example if I press and hold a I get offered

@ à á â ä ã å æ

If you don't get offered the symbol you need (which is not a usually a problem in Gaelic on an English keyboard, but can be a big problem in Welsh with ŵ) you will have to change the language of the keyboard to one that uses the symbol you need.


How do i do a hyphen over the a

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