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  5. "Mòrag bhochd."

"Mòrag bhochd."

Translation:Poor Morag.

December 13, 2019



Is this the kind of poor where someone has been through something sad, or when they don't have much money?


Couldn't hear "morag" in this clip at all. Thought it was "bodach" even listening several times. Knew the second word was bochd/bhochd -- but similar to the other comparison recording where I can't here the difference between lenited and unlenited (for just choosing a single word). In this case, since I did not hear a woman's name first, I guessed the second word was not lenited. Then of course the whole answer is incorrect. I think learners need much more clear recordings when we are working with short phrases with no other clues, even if part of what we need to learn is different accents. Otherwise it is just discouraging and not really a learning experience.


I find that particular voice difficult to make out, I agree. Mind you, I had no trouble with that word!


Why is bochd lenited? Does it have to do with feminine vs masculine? I'm 50 days in and I think I'm confusing myself.


I'm pretty sure that adjectives follow masculine and feminine


I suppose this -if a position of adjective is after substantive of feminine gender together with B F M P as the first consonant of adjective lenition happens.

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