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You typed in English

Now if you knew that, why didn't you give me a second chance? (I'm losing at least one heart every lesson because of that.)

July 30, 2012



Yeah, I always try to speed through and sometimes miss whether it wants me to translate or transcribe. Kind of embarrassing when you have it perfectly written in your native language, but they wanted it in spanish/french/etc.


This would help a lot.


I found that after doing a lot of lessons this wasn't really a problem for me anymore. I intuitively knew whether I was supposed to translate or transcribe.


You don't want to speed through everything though - you do need some things to keep you thinking and checking. I made the same mistake, but I think it's because I wasn't paying attention.


There are so many things to concentrate on when first getting used to Duolingo and beginning to learn a language that adding frustration by penalizing translation instead of transcription defeats the purpose of learning. It's not carelessness so much as too many things to think about at once.


Yes yes yes, Duolingo, are you listening?? Or is the deal that following instructions is part of the class?


Agree with original post. Translating is usually harder than just typing what one hears. One should get a second chance to give the easier answer, particularly in the testing out segments where the question is not repeated.

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