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"Chan eil thu a' faireachdainn blàth."

Translation:You are not feeling warm.

December 13, 2019



Is this still a weather sentence? Or would you use this for someone with a fever?


I suppose that depends on the question mark.


You are not feeling? Warm


She speaks way too fast


It's how you learn to understand real-world speech. Play it over and over, and track the words with a finger. Using a headset can help.

Also -- be aware that the words tha and thu often sound like AA and OO, and that th sometimes seems to drop out almost entirely in the middle of a word. And that Scottish words are always stressed on the first syllable -- so I think they depend on listening for the stress rather than the kinds of breaks English speakers listen for. And see: https://learngaelic.scot/littlebylittle/sounds/index.jsp


How is it i can spell "a'faireachdainn" but im not able to spell the Gàidhlig version of "Colin"? Lol. Tha mi cho gòrach!


Hahaha. Don't be unkind to yourself. We expect the name to be more or less similar but they change the vowel on us, from an 'o' to an 'a'. I have a hard time remembering that one too. Whereas 'a' faireachdainn' is so distinct from the English, that we don't have any expectations of how it should be written, so we just learn it.


How is it that she makes "blàth" sound like 2 syllables?


Keep not hearing the thu... Lol

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