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"Soitheach math"

Translation:A good dish

December 13, 2019



Can this mean both a dish as in a meal, and a dish that a meal would come in?


Aye, it can mean like a roasting / casserole dish too.


I was wondering the same. Like is it fine china or a delicious pot pie or both?


Yes, Gramma's Corningware!


Can someone please explain to me why is "Soitheach" pronounced something like "saah-yuhkh"? If I see this word for the first time, how am I to eliminate the vowels that do not contribute to the pronunciation?


As I understand it, you don't eliminate vowels like we do in English. The vowels work/flow together. In your phonetics above, the s is the s, the 'aah' is the o, the 'y' is the i , the u is the e and the sound hkh is the a blending in to the ch.


Soitheach math or math soitheach is not accepting any of this phrase .

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