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"Tha an staidhre ann an sgoil."

Translation:The staircase is in a school.

December 13, 2019



Shouldn't this be 'The staircase is in the school'? I thought 'an' was 'the'.


an can mean many things (the, their, does…?, is…?, and others depending on context), and it also can just mean in.

In this case the whole ann an means ‘in’ – it comes from doubling the an(n) in preposition, possibly to avoid confusion with the article (the an meaning the). So whenever you see ann an, it generally just means in with no definite article in there.

Before the article, the preposition an(n) changes to anns and is not doubled, so in the school is anns an sgoil (sometimes shortened to san sgoil) – here the second an (or just the an part in shortened san) is the article.

For a much longer explanation see this article on the Akerbeltz wiki.


Thanks for the explanation. It's all so confusing. I wish they would explain these things instead of just including them. Hopefully repetition and just keeping going will help it all sink in and eventually make sense.


We're working on writing Tips and Notes for all the skills, but these things take some time. The first few skills have them already though so if you click on the lightbulb button on the skill you'll be able to read them.


Oh, I don't seem to have any light bulbs. I'm using Duolingo on an Android, does that make any difference? I do appreciate that things take time. I'm loving the course even without the explanations.


Not sure, but I think the tips and notes are present only in the web version. You might want to log in with your internet browser (either on the phone or on desktop computer) to read them.

Also, you can read all the notes on the Duome.eu site.


Brilliant info silmeth. Thank you it's much appreciated.


Not saying your explanation didn't make sense - it was very clear. I just meant make sense as I'm reading/writing it.


It all makes so much more sense now that I have found the light bulbs. No wonder I was struggling so much. I couldn't understand how we were supposed to learn the rules if they were never explained. Any chance the light bulbs could make it onto the android app one day? Or at least a mention that they are on the website to save anyone else all the confusion?


This kept telling me I was typing in Emglish when I wasn't.


Would "The stairs are in a school" be just as acceptable? My understanding was that "staidhre" could have either meaning?

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