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  5. "IRN BRU and a dog"

"IRN BRU and a dog"

Translation:IRN BRU agus cù

December 13, 2019



Why, (on earth), is IRN BRU in all caps? There is no hint of wheather it is a person (name of), or thing, either.


It'a type of soda. That's the way the name is written.


Wow. Now that I understanding that placement ad I am more comfortable with my diet of whiskeys


why sometimes 'agus' is pronounced with a 'kuh' sound and sometimes with a 'yuh' sound?


I'm always getting the comment to pay attention to the accents. I know where they go, i just don't know how to put them there. I do this on my phone. It's an android as opposed to an iPhone if that makes a difference.


Not sure if this will work as different android devices work differently, but try holding your finger down on the letters you're typing. This will probably show you several different accents on that character. Hope this helps!


I have an android phone and I went to my settings and added the Gaelic dictionary to my keyboard and it helps a lot!


DeeWebster3, I use Android products, too, and on each of them, to be able to access accents, simply hold your finger on the letter you want to put the accent on. All the possible accents will show up and you simply move your finger to the one you want to choose. For example, with the letter "a" there are ten alterations from which to choose. Each letter has something, in some language out there, that will alter that particular letter. So simply hold your finger on top of the letter you want to change (with an accent) and then move your finger to the alteration of your choice. (Don't bother with changing entire keyboards - entirely unnecessary and will just mess up your English writing.) Hope this helps.


Thanks, it did help.


Agus is pronounced like aghus


How do you get the wee diddy thing above the u?


If youre on a phone, just hold down the character


And on pc, if that's what you're using, press the corresponding apostrophe on your keyboard before typing the letter, e.g. `u for ù


Are you using mobile or pc?

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