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  5. "Bruidhinn nas slaodaiche."

"Bruidhinn nas slaodaiche."

Translation:Speak slower.

December 13, 2019



It would be nice to have a grammer breakdown of this. What is nas, and what part of speach is slaodaiche?


Nas is for more slaodaiche is for slower speak is bruihdinn . Bruidhinn nas slaodaiche.


If you tap on the words, you can see what they mean. Or hover over the words, on computer.


Agree with Fiona_Emm. I have to keep dissecting and looking up the words


Say that more slowly?


Does Bruidhinn also translate to the ability to speak a language or just speaking in general? Like would "Bruidhinn mi Gàidhlig." mean "I speak Gaelic"?


I struggle to understand the pronunciation of Bruidhinn. I've played it over a dozen times in the sentence, and separately. Can someone give some help? Tapadh leat.


Without IPA, it's not really possible to give you a good account. However, I will try - I would say it as something close to 'brew-yeen(g)' but that's very rough and ready. Keep listening, and consider the following: Slender 'dh' is realized as something like the English 'y' sound usually (slender vowels are i and e), the rule in Gàidhlig is that consonants cannot have a slender vowel one side with a broad on the other, so we have "glide vowels", thus 'bru(i)dhinn'. Slender 'nn' is often realized as English 'ng' but very much nasal, and definitely no g at the end ('sing' not 'fing-ger'). Hope that helps some.


The way the person says the sentence really gives away the meaning.

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