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  5. "A bheil dà phiuthar agad?"

"A bheil phiuthar agad?"

Translation:Do you have two sisters?

December 13, 2019



If youre talking about two sisters shouldn't sisters be in plural?


The rules are slightly different for the numbers one and two. Plurals (such as peathraichean) start with the number three upwards :)


I spoke with a friend who teaches Gaelic this morning and she gave me the same answer. However, another question came up. I understand there are specific numbers for counting people and in that case instead of dà would it not be dithis?


Yeah, she's absolutely right. Dà phiuthar isn't wrong per se, but there is another way of counting people. That's something we're looking at for the next update.


does anyone else have problems progressing because the options are ghosted out?


Same refusal to accept an acceptable traslation!

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