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  5. "Friends and family."

"Friends and family."

Translation:Caraidean agus teaghlach.

December 13, 2019



Is "càirdean" not right?


Why is "chàirdean" not correct? It's always been the answer in every other question!


Among suggested word there is also "Càirdean": why isn't it accepted?


Wrong way round?


Yeah, that's really weird! Thanks :)


cairdean vs. caraidean (sorry no accents on my keyboard) are both correct?


What's the difference between caraidean and càirdean? Why is càirdean not acceptable in this sentence?


They are basically old and new versions of the plural of the same word.

Dwelly (1911) gives càirdean without comment
Am Faclair Beag (current) gives caraidean without comment

But Mark (2003) says

caraidean is now often used in place of càirdean except in the vocative, although this appears to be quite unnecessary

I had not noticed this but I think I would always use a chàirdean in the vocative. So basically both are correct and I am sure that eventually, if not now, Duo will accept both. Note however, that if you get it wrong or make a typo, Duo does tend to be a bit random as to which it says you should have typed.

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