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  5. "I like porridge a lot."

"I like porridge a lot."

Translation:Is toil leam brochan gu mòr.

December 13, 2019



What is the usage of gu as a word in the sentence?


It makes an adjective into an adverb. So mòr 'big' becomes gu mòr 'bigly'. This is not normal English, but I suppose you could have picked it up if your mother's first language were Gaelic:

Tha mi a ’dol a ghearradh cìsean gu mòr
I am going to cut taxes bigly


what is the difference between brochan and lite


Just dialect as far as I know. Dictionaries tell me that brochan can also mean 'gruel', but as I don't think people eat much 'gruel' these days, that means that any distinction is now obsolete.

For the record, Lìte is in Dùn Èideann Lìte


An interesting side note; My dictionary tells me that brochan can also be used as "mess". As in "Rinn thu brochan dheth!" (You've made a mess of it). I assume this is probably slang coming from the fact that porridge is somewhat messy.

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