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"The passengers boarded the ship in order to travel to Kronos."

Translation:Qo'noS lulengmeH Duj lutIj raQpo'pu'.

December 13, 2019



Why is this simply "Qo'noS" and not "Qo'noSDaq"? I feel like I'm missing something here.


Some verbs in Klingon include a locative sense. That is, their objects are already locations. You can use -Daq on these objects if you want, but it's considered redundant.

leng is one of those verbs. The object of leng is the destination the subject is traveling to.

Qo'noS vIleng I travel to Kronos.
Qo'noSDaq vIleng I travel to Kronos (said redundantly)

Notice that if a verb has a locative sense and you use a locative that isn't its object, that locative can't mean what the object would mean.

Qo'noSDaq jIleng I travel on Kronos.
Kronos can't be my destination, because the destination of leng is its object. This sentence means that Kronos is the location that leng happens.

Some other words with a locative sense: jaH, ghoS, paw, chegh, chol.

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