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  5. "Tha each glè àrd."

"Tha each glè àrd."

Translation:A horse is very tall.

December 13, 2019



I guess it's the same for any language. I found the same when I moved to Sweden from Scotland 17 years ago. Loads of the people had different dialects when I was learning Swedish. I reckon it's good to here slight differences when we learn a language. It prepares us for chatting to people in the "real" world. I wish I'd had Duolingo when I was learning Swedish back then :)


Some dialects has the àrd sound like aarsht


That's common. It's called an intrusive S, and you hear it often between 'r' and 'd' or 't'. The word thuirt (says) also has it.


Yes it's frustrating trying to pronounce things when they keep switching!


If you have a preferred one for speaking, then pick it and stick with it. But it's still good to be aware of the other pronunciations for when you hear them.


I was taught that the Anglo-Saxon Rune ᛖ was called "eh," and that that meant "horse" or "steed" in Old English. Any relation?


Glè is like "gey" in Scots which means "quite" or "pretty much", rather than "very", but in the same ball park.

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