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  5. "Alasdair is understanding."

"Alasdair is understanding."

Translation:Tha Alasdair a' tuigsinn.

December 13, 2019



Alasdair understands. (to understand is not used in the continuous form)


'Alasdair is understanding' means he's someone who is good at understanding other people. This not the same as 'Alasdair understands' a specific situation, for example, or how to do something. Which meaning is the correct translation?


I suppose that, as all the other verbs are in the present continuous, this one can be used in Gaelic in this tense as well. However, this is not the case in English. Of course, your suggestion also works in English, but there understanding is an adjective. I think the problem is that to nderstand is not used in the continuous form in English but can be used so in Gaelic.

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