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"Cha bhi e cho cunnartach a-nis. Stiall ort!"

Translation:It will not be as dangerous now. On you go!

December 13, 2019



The person speaking in this recording is speaking too fast. After listening to it 6 times, I still couldn't pick out any more than 4 words.


Same here. Especially the first words are incomprehensible.


I prefer to use the keyboard to test myself, because it is harder than using the word tiles. But.............nope, sorry. Even with every tile in front of me, using the easy way I had to listen to this a dozen times and still I could not get it, even with the words right in front of me.
The 2nd/3rd words still sounds like it begins with an "r".


I couldnt get this one at first on say day 20 but now im over 100 days in of daily practices this is sounding normal.. it will happen for you, one day you will find it sound normal and the others begin to sound too slow..


I am on day 191 and it is still too fast to decipher!


I have been doing a LOT of practices around 40hrs per week average for the whole 110 days.. ohh and im scottish so i wonder if it helps at all.. Wish you all the best :)


I feel that the natural English for many would be 'It will not be as dangerous now' an I would suggest that is accepted as an alternative answer.


This is spoken way too quickly to even catch any of the words.


I guessed the sentence! It is far too fast.


Incredibly difficult to make out what the lady was saying. Had to run it thorough 6 times and then make a guess.


a strange way of saying ' a-nis'......it sounds like ' Aonghais'


Never heard anyone talking as fast as that in my life. Is it a race? Thats quite a skill.


Out of curiosity it would be nice to know if the people who struggled hearing this sentence due to being too fast can hear it now we are a year on?

Us Scots speak very fast in general and I know I struggled in the beginning and now I hear this at a 'normal' pace :)


I reach this point every time, get the right answer, it says correct but appears with a x and I cannot pass this point

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