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  5. "Mo chreach, Dòmhnall bochd!"

"Mo chreach, Dòmhnall bochd!"

Translation:Dear me, poor Donald!

December 13, 2019



I wrote Dear me, poor Dòmhnall and it said it was wrong. I would never call my friend Dòmhnall 'Donald' in English and I don't understand why we can't use either one. I would never call my friend Maria Mary in English!


Hi, dear me poor Dòmhnall is an accepted answer here. Convention among S Gaelic speaker is to use English equivalent of name when speaking in English. This is obviously highly personal to the speaker. The Gaelic cultural context for naming is not the same as that of French / Spanish / Italian in general.


-- said Mr. Trump of himslef


The fake media just won't give him a pass!


This sentence is very difficult to pronounce!

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