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  5. "Il mio colore è nero."

"Il mio colore è nero."

Translation:My color is black.

April 26, 2013



Would this translate (practically speaking, not literally) to something like, "Black is the color that looks good on me," or "My skin color is black," or. . .?


What does sycamine mean, it is one of the hints for nero?


Sycamine is apparently a type of black mulberry tree that produced bitter fruits; but that should be called "gelso nero" in Italian, so I'm not sure where the hint comes from. Although, the name of a color can be used as noun to indicate something that is that color in contrast to something that isn't; for instance "i Neri" could refer to the fascists (as they wore black uniforms), and "Nero" is the player moving the black pieces in chess.


Is black a color in Italian, in English it is a shade?


When does Nero become nera


When it is feminine. So you would say "Il gatto è nero" and "La gatta è nera". :D


I see a red door. ..

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