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"The architects build buildings."

Translation:Architecti aedificia construunt.

December 13, 2019



aedificant shoud be accepted.


Reported this as well.

[deactivated user]

    Is condunt a right alternative to construunt?


    Very good question! No, it isn't, but here it is assumed to be, as it is usually given as an alternative (the first one!) in sentences that imply the verb "to build". Condo means basically "to found" as far ass it concerns cities (condere urbem) or "to compose" (carmina, iura). Otherwise it means "to put something away, to hide, to bury something".

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    construit - if you're offering it as the third option in a drop down box, accept the answer, or take it out of the box.


    Is the akk plural for nouns ending in -o always -a? And -os is only for male nouns ending in nominative in -us?


    Architects design buildings not build them


    I'm afraid there's plenty of examples with architects build... Like this for instance https://www.ft.com/content/cfe85654-5d31-11e9-9dde-7aedca0a081a


    Architecti aedificia construire faciunt


    Yes Duo doesn’t accept condunt Why?


    Very confused by these noun endings... Is there a chart somewhere? Aedificio plural is aedificia??


    Every lesson has got an introduction (HINTS) which gives the main grammatical or lexicon features. Should you not see them on the application for mobile, have a look at Duo on your computer. That's a step by step grammar and you are strongly advised to follow it. Any way aedificium is the nominative and accusative singular form and artificial the plural one. Aedificio is a different singular form (dative and ablative) used for other functions.


    Architects don’t make cities with their hands!

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