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"Tha i gu math grianach an-diugh."

Translation:It is really sunny today.

December 13, 2019



Why not accept very in place of quite as i would seldom use quite but would often use very? Is this a British English thing?


There is a difference in meaning between quite in British and American English. Yanks use quite and very interchangeably. Usually (not entirely consistent) Brits use quite to mean "slightly/a bit/rather".


They accepted "It is very sunny today" for me


"Quite sunny" and "very sunny" seem like very different kinds of weather to me - perhaps you need to live in Scotland to appreciate the difference ;-)


Sure. Quite sunny and very sunny are in no way the same. Quite sunny is significantly less sunny than very sunny. I'm getting "really sunny" as the defnitive translation of gu math, which is a lot closer to very sunny than to quite sunny.


Hmmm, very makes more sense to me. Very sunny means lots of sun, quite sunny would mean I have actually seen the sun today rather than just clouds.


Agreed. I'm still not sure which one "gu math" better approximates to.

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