"I am ok."

Translation:Tha mi ceart gu leòr.

December 13, 2019



What does "ceart gu leòr" literally translate as?


I see that "ceart gu leor" is translated as "okay" or "right enough," but can each word be given a meaning or definition so as to explain the sense of things? I ask this in order that I may learn what these words individually mean - because I suspect that I'll be seeing them used in other sentences, especially words like "gu." Tapadh leibh.


I think that while "ceart gu leòr" translates conversationally to "I am O.K." It more directly translates as, "correct or appropriately well or healthy" Ceart being right or correct, gu being a preposition roughly meaning of or until and leòr meaning well or healthy.(?)


What is the function/meaning of the word 'gu'? I see it can be added to 'math' to make it go from meaning 'good' to meaning 'well', and its in this phrase meaning ok. Is it some kind of modifier to make things into a feelings-related word?


'Ceart' seems to be pronounced 'CearSt' here. Is that correct?


"math gu leòr" is also accepted.


Can someone breakdown how to say leòr? Im havinf trouble replicating it

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