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  5. "Cha robh e a' sreap?"

"Cha robh e a' sreap?"

Translation:He was not climbing?

December 13, 2019



Wouldn't "Was he not climbing? " be acceptable?


Standard Gaelic grammar, as far as I know, doesn’t allow you to form questions this way, you would need to say: nach robh e a’ sreap? with negative question particle nach (does not?, is not?, …) at the beginning. That would translate to English was he not climbing?, wasn’t he climbing?.

cha robh e a’ sreap? is just really Scottish equivalent to English he was not climbing? and would be considered ungrammatical when confronted with traditional grammar.

I guess this is very colloquial and the course authors want you to learn colloquial ways people speak, otherwise I’d report this whole sentence as an error.

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