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Possible matching answers to a timed "Mark the Correct Meaning" question?

In a timed practice, got a question to Mark the Correct Meaning: We will be in church on Sunday.

  1. Bidh sinn anns an bò air Didòmhnaich.

  2. Bidh sinn anns an eaglais Didòmhnaich.

  3. Bidh sinn anns an eaglais Latha na Sàbaid.

Which one of #2 or #3 is the correct answer or where is the mistake in either #2 or #3? Or is there something about the correct translation for these that I am missing? I have a screen shot but could not see how to attach it. I believe my spelling here matches the screenshot.

December 14, 2019



This looks to be just an unfortunate coincidence as both 2 and 3 are correct. I'll take a screenshot this and put it to others to see if there is a way to prevent this. :)


OK - thank you for checking!

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