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  5. "A bheil Eòghann gòrach?"

"A bheil Eòghann gòrach?"

Translation:Is Ewan stupid?

December 14, 2019


[deactivated user]

    No, not Ewan. This person makes me feel stupid as I find the audio unintelligible.


    I really struggle with this speaker...


    Seems like Ewan has taken over Iain's role in stupidity. On a more serios note I do agree with everyone else. Does anybody understand what this person is saying? I appreciate the need to hear lots of voices and accents but really!!! When you are trying hard to learn a new language could they not find someone a bit easier to listen to?


    I we t through my list of names and, as Louie was not there, I held my phone ti my ear full blast and .. Eureka! I got it right!

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