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  5. "This is a hammer."

"This is a hammer."

Translation:Seo òrd.

December 14, 2019



Doing the Gaelic course, I'm constantly pleasantly surprised at the links there are with Welsh. The word òrd isn't similar at all to Welsh morthwyl but then I thought, we have the word gordd "mallet" which when mutated becomes ordd, so there you have it.


Much less surprising similarities with Irish, but confusing sometimes. In Irish ord means "sledge-hammer", but "hammer" is casúr.

I’ve always found the co-incidence of òrd/ord "*hammer" and òrdag/ordóg "thumb" amusing.


Yes, I am doing Welsh too and I love the connections with the languages as there are many when you look hard.


It's cool, isn't it? Once you know a few sound changes (Gaelic c = Welsh p, f = gw etc.) it gets even better!

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