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Reading a real book

What book, written in Latin, would you recommend that beginners of the language read in an attempt to learn the language more fully?

I'm hoping one day to use my Latin skills in my family history research, and I'm not sure any of my ancestors would have left mention of a drunken parrot in their will ;) Although if I do find one, I'll be sure to show you.

December 14, 2019



Highly recommend Lingua Latīna per sē Illustrāta. It will give you a solid foundation for comprehending the Latin language, starting from the very basics.


That's the one I posted the link on. It is really good and gives you a lot of information on the life of the Romans.

And once you get really good at reading Latin, you could try Asterix and Obelix in Latin. These are comics about the inhabitants of a small French village who resist the Romans. They are extremely funny. They are originally in French but translated into almost any language. And some of the books are translated in Latin as well. We had them all and used to buy them in the language of the country were on holiday in. I seem to remember we also had the Latin ones.


Gratiās tibi quod Asterigem latīnē scriptum memorāvistī! Solummodō anglicē hōs librōs abhinc multōs annōs lēgī.


At the beginning of the 20th century there were several easy reading books published as a way to introduce high school students to reading extended passages. I believe most of these can be found on the Internet Archive site and can be downloaded for free since they are out of copyright. Just some off the top of my head are Julia, Puer Romanus, and Civis Romanus. Another book from that time period and at an intermediate level, Ad Alpes, has recently been re-released and is available on Amazon. You can also try Fabulae Faciles, which is also on Amazon. Good luck!


Try http://hiberna-cr.wikidot.com/reading-material

But realistically you need to go a long way past the Duolingo Latin course, as it stands at the moment, before you can read any book written in Latin.


so it is true, that the course ends with the chapters nature and feast. will there be more, soon? should be, there were no tenses beyond praesens, for example. can i subscribe anywhere, to be given notice if there is the next course? i had so much fun and would really like to continue


Basically the Duolingo Latin course so far uses only the present tense, so the selection of readings available will be small.

There have very recently been very short books available (say, on amazon_dot_com) that may be suitable, although sometimes the Latin in them isn't all that great--perhaps to be read for practice reading but the Latin not to be used as an example of good style

The first few books listed in my comment here are or at least start out in only the present tense.

Daniel Pettersson (and on YouTube) has started publishing stories in quite simple Latin, and his Latin at any level of difficulty is really worthwhile, but I think you must subscribe to his Patreon page to access the very simple materials.

Also, see the graded list of some available materials on this page.

There's a lot to say about Lingua Latina per se Illustrata (Familia Romana), most of it good, IMHO. See my comments in Okay, where to go from here?, for instance, espec. the comment beginning "You're welcome . . . " Read all the links. :) If you're serious about using the book(s), see the caveats here, which are from a teacher's point of view, but which indicate for you some places where the course can get to be a grind. (Keep in mind that learning any language gets to be a grind at times.) And you may want to read this essay, too, among several other good discussions of the book that could be pointed out.

Don't neglect the mention of the Assimil course in my comments, nor of the "Latin Study List," both of which can be GREAT if they hit you right.


Do you know this one? It is meant for beginners. Apparently there are sequels as well.



Trying to make it up to the Meds after the invasion, right Darius?! : P

Thanks for the link, many people ask content like that.

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