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Word list links to translations and sound files!

In case anyone else has not discovered this, the words and phrases in the Word List on line are links that lead to translations and sound files. This is a great resource that I've only just discovered because the words are in regular font, not bold or colored. Maybe I'm the only one who didn't know. Anyway, a huge TAPADH LEIBH to the Mods for providing this! There are certain words I have trouble hearing and now I can listen to them at will, not just wait for them to appear in a lesson.

https://www.duolingo.com/words Click on a column title to change the sorting order. Click on a word/phrase to go to the translation and audio files. On that page, click on Show More Sentences to access additional audio files.

December 14, 2019



Great link tapadh leat!


Sgonneil! Moran taing Mimi. I hadn't realised this either and it is a great resource. I'm just starting to get a bit deeper into Duolingo and realising what a wealth of material there is.

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