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  5. "Tha mi à Glaschu."

"Tha mi à Glaschu."

Translation:I am from Glasgow.

December 14, 2019



I was marked wrong for putting "I come from Glasgow" surely both translations are correct?


"I come from Glasgow" could mean you're actually from there or it could mean you're travelling and that the last place you were in was Glasgow.


Tells me I'm typing English when I'm not. This has occurred several times in this category and the only way to move forward is to intentionally make a mistake.


Typed "Tha mi a Glasgow" and repeatedly told I was typing English. Did not have the ability to type with accents.


You probably have to write "Glaschu" for it to get accepted. It probably has nothing to do with the accent.


Molly136395 is right, i had the same problem and that's the only way it would work

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