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  5. "Antaidh mhòr."

"Antaidh mhòr."

Translation:A big auntie.

December 14, 2019



Where I am from, auntie is a familiar form of aunt. We put -y or -ie on many words when speaking familiarly or to small children. So we have doggie and kitty and such as words we use with children, but never in a more formal setting. Is antaidh also strictly familiar, or is it used in more formal situations, too?


Like "tìoraidh" for "cheerio", it seems "antaidh" is a Gaelic way of saying "auntie". I believe the formal word is "piuthar-athair" or "puithar-màthair" depending on which parent is related and it mattered in the conversation. But to use it you would need to know the relationship, so "antaidh" is easier to use here.


How is Great Aunt written... guess it isn't antaidh mhòr?


Surely it must translate as "aunt" because "auntie" in English is a diminutive.

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