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"Halò athair, thigibh a-steach."

Translation:Hello father, come in.

December 14, 2019



Would an adult child use thigibh to his father? Or is it more appropriate to the parish priest?


Can someone please explain when you use "thigibh a-steach" vs "thig a-steach"? I thought the former was a plural version, but here the speaker is just talking to his or her father...


Hi Cait, "thigibh" is plural, you are right there, but it is also the formal version which you use to anyone to whom you would give respect e.g. older people, as well as parents, grandparents, teachers, etc. Just the same as using "thu" and "sibh" - someone said to me if you notice the "ibh" part, it's like "sibh" so it must be plural or formal. Hope that helps!

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