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English level doesn't appear on discussion forum?


I am a native English speaker using the English for Japanese course. (Because I am impatient :P) I notice on forum posts that my English levels don't appear next to my name. Is this by design? And if so, what is the mechanic behind this? Do English levels not appear on discussions ever? If they do appear, what conditions is it under? e.g. Having my course set to English for Japanese speakers. It would make sense that my English proficiency is listed. Are the discussion forums universal or segregated into languages?


July 2, 2014



A forum only displays the icons for the languages that can be learned. So on the English for Japanese forum you will have your English icon while on here you will have the German, Italian, Spanish... icons.

If there were a German course for speakers of Japanese then the German icon would appear there as well. Note that the flags don't appear in the forums until you have reached at least level 2.


Does that mean there is seperate forums? I thought they were all combined


These days you can set a subscription on which forums you would like to follow. However, you won't be able to select subscriptions with a different base language without switching your learning language as there are no links in the English forum to discussions in Japanese.

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