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Audio test **voDleH**

At checkpoint four, I was given an audio test for

voDleH chotlu'ta'!

And I really had a hard time hearing the sounds right.

Some of that is my bad, but the first word still sounds a lot like vorDleH. Am I the only one hearing an "r" sound in there? Or is an "r" sound supposed to / permitted to be there?


December 14, 2019



The retroflexion of the tongue (curling the tip back towards the roof of the mouth) causes the sides of the tongue to flatten out at the back of the mouth which is how a standard English r is made. This means that as the mouth passes from the voiced o to the retroflex stop for the voiced D there is a moment where the mouth can wind up with the exact conditions for an English r. As you get used to the sounds I think you will naturally learn to ignore that sounds before D, but for now, here's a couple of pointers. The Klingon r is made at the front of the mouth and would not typically make that sounds. And you can't have an rDl consonants cluster in Klingon, so one of those letters can't be there.


When I move from Klingon o to D, I don't pass through English r. I don't really see how that would happen. When I pronounce a Standard American English r, the middle-to-back of the tongue nearly touches the back of the hard palate, and the tip of the tongue is fairly low in the mouth but pulled back a bit. When moving from an o to a D, I don't lift the back of my tongue.

I don't have a link to the recording, but I often hear students of Klingon assimilating the consonants of the words into the vowels.

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