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"a tall Klingon"

Translation:tlhIngan woch

December 14, 2019



I believe it was in a previous tips section when introducing mach and tIn, but just wanted to double-check: tlhIngan woch is "a tall Klingon", while woch tlhIngan would be "the Klingon is tall; similarly, 'IH torgh is "Torg is handsome/beautiful", while torgh 'IH would be "the handsome/beautiful Torg" (or replace torgh with Duj for "the ship is pretty" vs "the pretty ship").


ps. Sorry for the run-on.


Can't edit on app but just thought phrase it this way:

tlhIngan woch is "Klingon (the) tall" or "(a/the) Klingon (that is) tall"

woch tlhIngan is "tall (is the) Klingon"

'IH torgh is "beautiful (is) Torg"

torgh 'IH is "Torg (the) beautiful" [like a title] or "(the) Torg (that is) beautiful" [if there is more than one Torg]


I understand your first post, but not your reply to yourself.

Yes, tlhIngan woch is a tall Klingon while woch tlhIngan is the Klingon is tall. Remember that sentence order is OVS, so if the word combination is a sentence, the subject must follow the verb.

If your reply to yourself represents the way you remember it in your head, and that thinking produces the first post, then I guess it works, but it seems elaborate.


Thank you! But really wanted to make sure I translated the other sentences correctly (basically was I using the rule correctly in different but similar situation, mainly in regards to when naming a person).

The reply to myself was meant to be a more direct translation -- that is, translate the words but not the grammar order. I just find it better to pick up new grammer if I get used to the way it sounds using English (or when translating from English to Klingon, getting the proper Klingon grammer before translating into Klingon words). I also thought I might get a more accurate response on if I was thinking of it right or wrong by providing a more direct translation of how I was thinking about it. Also, just wanted to include it on the off chance it would help someone else understand better.

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