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  5. "bIlegh'eghlaH'a'?"


Translation:Can you see yourself?

December 15, 2019



Just wanted to throw it out there that this is a fun sentence to practice different emotions on. Try saying it in anger, in sadness and in disgust/scorn. Oh, and in dreamily/in awe (like someone you love or admire asked you what you were looking at when they catch you staring at them) [sorry when I think of stereotypical disgust my mind immediately goes to the valley girl accent which makes me think of soap operas and teen dramas, which leads to love life].


"in disgust/scorn" it probably wasn't your intention but you just caused my brain to create klingon rap music in my ear... and I'm not sure if I hate it yet.


I admit that I didn't think about it, but now I can't unthink it. I could definitely hear it working, the tlhIngan words would work well with the pacing found in rap (in my inexpert opinion). Not sure about the grammer though... Hmm...


I think I saw this guys 400 klingon words in a minute video


A shame I recorded it in such a vanilla fashion. I usually do, but when the course constructors put an exclamation mark on a sentence, I take it as licence to get more creative.

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