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Scottish Gaelic now has 12 skills - over a third of the skills in the course - with tips and notes!

Just wanted to make a post saying a massive tapadh leibh to all the contributors working on the course, and thank you for all the work you've put into not only the course, but answering questions, being active in the Scottish Gaelic Duolingo community, and of course all the work that's put in to writing the tips and notes! They've answered a lot of questions I've had while working on the course!

In case anyone is wondering, tips and notes are available up to Food 2 now! That's double what is what the last time I checked on Friday 13 December, 2019, when tips were released for Clothes, so I was astounded the amount of progress that has been done! Couldn't actually believe it to be honest! Thank you so much!

As always, you can find the complete tips and notes on duome.eu and duonotes.fandom.com:

If it helps, I can also make a post compiling the tips and notes onto the forums here, if that's helpful? I'm also still working on compiling all the words and sentences in the course. I'm not too sure how to proceed, and if you have any feedback or suggestions, I'd love to hear! :-) My question is with the sentence compilations:

  • Should I make a list of sentences taught in each skill and post each skill individually? Or might it be better to do a compilation up to the checkpoints, and split them up - maybe do a list of sentences taught in the first 25% and so on? Let me know what you think you like? I'm still working on my lists! :D
  • And with the list of words taught, shall I make my next post a list of words taught from the 1st to the 2nd checkpoint, or do you think there would be a more useful way? Maybe split it, or wait until I've done the all course and add them all once I finish? As always, let me know what you think :D

Also, does anyone know any Scottish Gaelic communities I can follow/join on social media? :-)

Thanks again to everyone who worked on this course! I love it! :D

December 15, 2019



I found the "Scottish Gaelic Duolingo" twitter profile: https://twitter.com/ScotsGaelicDuo


Hats off to you Ollie for the things you're doing off your own back. Love your work and your enthusiasm. If you're new to Gaelic, you're making very good progress. We'll be calling you Ollamh before too long!

I agree that the Mods and contributors have been much more proactive here than in some other courses. It's something to be encouraged by positive feedback.

We'll have to do something about Mairi stealing underpants though. In italian we had all kinds of intrigue involving tents and night-time liaisons, with one phrase saying that it was necessary that the husband dies.

The only thing I regretted was that my translation of thòn was not accepted. I tend to think it's more of an "a" word than a "b" word (cnapan). I was too embarrassed to press the report button though.

Gaelic Communities? Try here:



Tapadh leibh Jim! I'm currently studying Linguistics at uni, and so always love it when a new course comes out! Personally, I think the Scottish Gaelic is one of the best courses on release! I can't wait to see more! :D

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