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Script size in browser

I am doing the Arabic lessons in the browser on a desktop computer.

I find that I am constantly zooming in and out (using Control+Mouse Wheel) for the different questions.

In particular, for the "Match up the pairs" questions I often zoom in to 200% or even 250%, but that is way too much for the other questions.

This is a particular problem with learning Arabic script. As a learner, I want the script to be large and clear. An experienced reader would probably be OK with smaller script.

Maybe the UI designers at Duolingo can adjust the layout, so that the Arabic script has a more uniform size in the different types of question.

December 15, 2019



I agree! I can barely make out the various vowel markings, etc.


In the last day or two I have done Arabic lessons on a tablet (under Android), instead of on a desktop PC.

In the android app the problem is more acute, because there is no way to zoom in.

As in the browser, it is the "Match up the pairs" questions which are the problem.


Definitely agree with this. It's painful for my eyes to read the small font.


I've only been using my phone to learn Arabic, so many times I end up taking a screen shot when learning the new words. Then I can zoom in to see the exact spelling, etc, to add to my notes. It would be nice if they could increase the size of the font for these!


For anyone using a browser, I can recommend the custom theme described here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/32908241

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