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"Bha mi a' sgrìobhadh leabhar ann an leabharlann."

Translation:I was writing a book in a library.

December 15, 2019



Why "a library "


Yeah, I've seen sometimes "ann an" is translated as "in a", yet I thought "an" is a definite article (with no indefinite article in Scots Gaelic)... And if this is correct, how would you say "in the library" then? Sometimes I wish this app gave grammar explanations.


'in the library' is "anns an leabharlann"

ann an/am/a' is indefinite anns an/am/a' is the definite


In the Tips and Notes section (https://www.duome.eu/tips/en/gd), it says that "ann an" and "ann am" are to be considered as meaning just "in a". Here's the note: Although ann an and ann am resemble the definite masculine articles an and am, we only use them before indefinite nouns (words without "the" before them). We teach how to say "in the" later in the course."


Yeah, I saw someone else explain it and looked up some grammar. Thanks for the link (didn't even know there was a grammar tips section; the app doesn't show such features, not even the forum)


If it is apparent to both speakers which library is being refered to, would you say 'anns an' or would it still be 'ann an'?

I know it's "bha mi ag an t-oilthigh an duigh" in gaelic, even though it's just 'at university' in english. Is this one of those cases where the languages use the articles differently?


Getting confused - why is this not,"...in the library"?


Just read the answer below!!!

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