"I am against him."

अनुवाद:मैं उसके खिलाफ़ हूँ।

July 2, 2014

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why this translation is wrong that--- मैं उसके विरोध में हूँ '


I am in his opposition.


Me uske khilaf hu


Mai uske khilaf hu


मैं उसके विपरीत हूँ ।


I am opposite to him.


आपके और मेरे हिन्दी font मेल नहीं खाते ,,इस लिए आपका मशीनी अनुवादक मेरी लिखतों में गलती निकालता है,, जैसे “विरूद्ध ” " काॅफ़ी "


विरुद्ध में छोटे उ की मात्रा है बड़े ऊ की नही . the machine translations are devised by humans first ...so if it says there is a mistake i find it useful to look at what i have typed before i complain but then you can always report or discuss it and i have seen one or the other moderators usually reply to comments


Thanks for the help Iceyrage. Just to clarify, no machine translations are used in this course. Everything is translated by our team. We very often miss some equally valid translations of sentences (some sentences have over 1,000 possible correct translations!). Sometimes we unfortunately make typos too :(

That is why feedback by people like you is really helpful and useful to us because it helps us remove these problems. Reporting a sentence is the easiest way for us to correct it.

And finally us moderators try our best to reply to every single comment we get :)


Thanks for the feedback. Iceyrage has explained the issue with विरुद्ध. The issue with कॉफ़ी is something we are working on. When you are typing the word कॉफ़ी you should type it like this: + + + + ी **. We are aware that there are some issues with this on certain platforms.


Why there is no need of preposition "to" before him, (I am against to him).

I wish I recieve a reply soon.


I am against him


मैं उसके विरोध में हूँ

Why is it wrong?

केवल दिन के 5 मिनट में अंग्रेज़ी सीखें। मुफ़्त में।