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Done it! Hindi tree entirely golden.

Although I do have to repair one skill. But otherwise, entirely done. I can't say I am flawless, but I can build on this. I'll attack the reverse tree and start a new language. I think I'll do Greek because I am going to Crete in a few months.

December 15, 2019



heyy! Good job with your streak and your golden tree!!! keep up the effort!


Aap bahut Acha kaam kartay hai Darius ji congratulations


it means you done good work.

i think that you want to say you are doing good work. hindi -aap achha kam kr rhe hai




Expand the Hindi tree dramatically! It is still very short. And Hindi should also be offered via other languages as well; the three main ones being Bengali, Panjabi, and Chinese.


I am doing the reverse tree. I disable the listening excercises, because these are all about understanding English. I'm learning a lot of new words and constructions. But yes, it would be nice if the Hindi tree would be expanded.


i just started Hindi at the 16th of December 2019, and i already got three golden eggs!


Great! Keep it up. In the beginning it is sometimes hard but you'll get there. And someone said: after you are done with the letters, start the reverse tree as well. It is differently structured than the Hindi tree and in the beginning it is easier. It really helps!

[deactivated user]

    Totally in awe! Congratulations!


    Thanks, it was a great course. And the people on the Hindi forum are so helpful!

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