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  5. "Piuthar onarach."

"Piuthar onarach."

Translation:An honest sister.

December 15, 2019



In New England we do not pronounce the initial h in words like honest and herb, so we use the article an. It is not a typo. Thanks!


It may be that in New England these two words are treated similarly, but in general words that begin with an h in English fall into three different categories.

  • honest has a silent h and so one writes an honest
  • herb has the h silent in some dialects, but as far as I know there is no dispute: you write an if the h is silent
  • hotel has the h pronounced in most modern dialects, but even so there is disagreement about whether you write an.


A few people are saying that 'an honest sister' is being marked as a typo. If this happens, would you be able to take a screenshot and post it?


This is how we speak in Skye and Wester Ross.


This is the third correction of 'an' to 'a' in this set of questions that is incorrect.


Surely "an" before the word "honest" is correct English translation? And not a typo!


The best translation is 'an honest sister'. If it happens again, would you be able to take a screenshot?


Yes, of course. I often practice previous lessons, so if I come across it again, I will take a screenshot.


When this come up again, it actually marked "an" as an error, not a typo, with red colouring and a klaxon. :( Ho, hum, ain't technology wonderful.

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