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"Do you have a blue blouse, Reem?"

Translation:هَل عِنْدِك بَلوزة زَرْقاء يا ريم؟

December 15, 2019



I don't understand when to use colors is different pronunciation. For example blue : zarka or azrak - when to use each?


Each main color corresponds to three specific letters. For example...

z r k (blue)

b y d (white)

With the exception of just a few colors such asبُني (brown) etc..explained last.

Each of those colors have masculine and feminine genders assigned to them based on the location of the three letters.

Masculine: 2 a _ _ a _

Feminine: _ a _ _ a 2

Fill in the blanks with the three letters from a color to observe its masculine or feminine form.

Furthermore, the gender of a color is determined by the object it applies to when used as an adjective, not the person you are speaking to.

As for the other colors, like brown (بُني), simply use "ة" to make the feminine form of that color:

Masculine: بُني (brown)

Feminine: بُنية (brown)

I hope that helps.


Thank you. That is great to know!


azrak is used with masculine, while zarka is used with feminine.


I still confused when to use عندٙك and عندِك


The confusion is, that Reem seems to be female in this sentence


I can't work out why the endings of the colours change. Just found the explanation but I'm still not sure how to work out which is male and which is female....

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