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  5. "Cha toil leam Inbhir Àir."

"Cha toil leam Inbhir Àir."

Translation:I do not like Ayr.

December 15, 2019



Just out of geographical curiosity, was Ayr originally named Inverayr?


According to Wikipedia:

The name Ayr can be traced back to a pre-Celtic word meaning "watercourse" or "strong river". This name was used before the establishment of the Julian calendar in reference to the River Ayr. The town was formerly known as 'Inverair' or 'Inverayr', meaning "mouth of the river Ayr", yet this was later abbreviated to 'Air', and then to 'Ayr'. Elements of the old name remain present within the Scottish Gaelic name for Ayr – Inbhir Air.

The word inbhir means 'the mouth of a river', so usually if you see a place name that begins with Inver-, then it is followed by a river name e.g. Inverness, Inverurie, Inverclyde.


It is worth noting that the meaning of Aber (Obair in Gaelic) is virtually the same. So Aber is also followed by a river name. The difference is that Inbhir is Gaelic, whereas Aber is Brythonic, so that would imply the place was named before the Gaels arrived (like Aberdeen, translated into Gaelic as Obair Dheadhain) or somewhere the Gaels never got to (like Aberystwyth, no translation into Gaelic, obviously).


Thanks, very interesting!


Thanks, this is really interesting!


Won't read typed response in Gaelic, keeps saying that it is written in English


This repeatedly won't read response


Hi, we have had this reported on a few occasions , but it always (so far) has meant that a mistake has been made while typing the Gaelic. If there is something else going on it may be worth posting this in the troubleshooting forums. Contributors for this course unfortunately can't do anything about bugs, if this is what it turns out to be.


Does this mean that it won't accept your answer, or that it won't play text back to you? Any specifics you can give can help us solve the problem. Have you tried reporting it? If you report it we can deal with it in the incubator (course building software) itself. This could possibly be a bug but it's difficult to say what is going on here.


Did it again


This seems to happen on certain questions even when you don't make a mistake. As they virtually never fix bugs, there is little point in reporting it. The only known solution is to stop using the app. You can use the website perfectly well on a phone and it has far fewer bugs.


I listened to this 4 times and it never said all the words. Supposed to say Cha toil leam Inbhir Ayr, but it says Cha (tenyen) Inbhir Ayr.

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