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"The score of the game is three to four."

Translation:ʻEkolu i ka ʻehā ka helu ʻai o ka hoʻokūkū.

December 16, 2019



I wonder why ʻehā needs a ka in front, but ʻekolu doesn't?


I made it more grammatically correct by saying ʻO ka ʻekolu i ka ʻehā... but it was marked incorrect. Guess they wanted it to be more conversational.


Can someone let me know the distinction — if any — between ‘pa’ani’ and ‘ho’okuku’?

It seems in these later lessons we are being given a series of words with the same translation as other words we learnt in earlier lessons. Somewhat confusing to a beginner but many languages have multiple ways of saying the same thing.


When I was doing this exercise and wondering the same thing :-) this is what I came up with. As with words in any language, there's a semantic range. Comparing to two:

https://hilo.hawaii.edu/wehe/?q=paani - the range of meanings includes "play, sport, game, amusement, joke." Compare "mea pāʻani" a toy. Though there's a range here, the idea seems to be the amusement/enjoyment of the thing.

https://hilo.hawaii.edu/wehe/?q=ho%E2%80%99okuku - "to compare", "tournament", "a standing to measure; fitting; a measuring of anything by comparison with something else." This seems to stress the competition aspect of it.


Mahalo hou e hoa aloha.

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