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A list of scottish Gaelic sentences and there english translations.

Hey yall! I hope this helps with someones learning. I will be updating this list with each lessons sentences as i can and as i move forward. Tapadh leat (thank you). if you have any questions i will try and answer them.

Scottish Gàidhlig sentences Lesson 1 intro

Mùc agus caileag = A pig and a girl

Caileag agus cat= A girl and a cat

cù agus balach= A dog and a boy

Tha Calum mòr.= This is Calum

Tha Anna beag agus snog.= Anna is small and nice.

Tha Eilidh snog.= Eilidh is nice

Seo anna agus calum beag= Anna and Calum are small.

Tha Anna beag agus snog.= Anna is small and nice.

Tha calum agus eilidh snog.= Calum and eilidh are nice.

Chan eil Iain math.= Iain is not good

Caileag agus bò= A girl and a cow

Tha Gàidhlig math= Gaelic is good

bò agus cù= A cow and a dog

Chan eil mùc beag= A Pig is not small.

dona agus mòr= Bad and big

Chan eil Iain mòr.= Iain is not big.

Seo anna agu cearc= This is anna and a chicken.

Calum agus piseag = Calum and a kitten.

seo Calum agus tunnag= This is calum and a duck.

seo Mòrag agus piseag.= This is morag and a kitten.

Seo irn bru= This is IRN BRU.

Seo mòrag= This is Morag.

Tha Iain dona.= Iain is bad.

Math agus beag= Good and small.

bò agus cat= A cow and a cat.

Tha Gàidhlig snog= Gaelic is nice.

caraid agus cù= A friend and a dog.

Seo piseag.= This is a kitten .

Seo morag agus anna= this is Morag and Anna.

Seo cearc agus irn bru= This is a chicken and IRN BRU.

Tha Calum mòr.= Calum is big.

Tha eilidh mòr= Eilidh is big.

Calum agus Iain.= Calum and iain

Chan eil Gàidhlig dona.= Gaelic is not bad.

caraid agus bò= A friend and a cow.

tunnag agus piseag= A duck and a kitten

December 16, 2019


[deactivated user]

    Nice avatar! :)


    tapadh leat!!!


    While this assemblage is a fabulous resource to memorize, this translation needs adjustment: Tha Calum mòr.= This is Calum


    "Seo anna agus calum beag". This entry should replace "seo" with "tha".

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