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  5. "The knife is solid."

"The knife is solid."

Translation:Sub taj.

December 16, 2019



I tried: lep taj. Is lep restricted to adjectival use (bIr lep) or a function as a noun (lep oH chuch'e')? And "Sub" can only be the noun as the adjective "solid" has to to be "lep"?


{lep} is a noun for the state of matter. e.g. {lep 'oH taj baS'e'} {betgham 'oH baS'e' vItetmoHta'bogh}


So the difference between Sub and lep would be that lep is restricted to scientific matter context, where as Sub can be used in describing relations, behavior, fighters, knives... as well?


I'd say describing states of matter is primarily used for scientific contexts but not limited to them. {lep} is a noun for something not liquid, gas, or plasma, probably better to think of it in terms of "this metal is a solid". I have limited notes on {Sub}, but as a verb, it is probably for things that are firm and unyielding, of definite shape or volume, probably with no holes inside. Though {Sub} does have a slang usage meaning to be brave/bold, but I'm not sure if that's more to do with the similar noun meaning "hero".


lep := (be of) solid state Sub:= be solid (can I get away with that?)


lep is not a verb. It's not "be" anything. It's a noun.


I think that's reasonably close, but you're trying to verb a noun, which us mere mortals don't get to do.

Though this conversation has made me think of a sentence like this that can have a variety of meanings, and I'll leave you to guess the intended one: {Sub jagh Sub, 'ach ngugh nISwI'wIj vIlo' 'ej SIp moj}


@kahless62003 thanks for your kind support {Sub jagh Sub...}! this record challenged me to put it into a (terrible , German) poem:

" Der tapfre Feind der war solid, bis dass er aus dem Leben schied: Als ich nutzte den Disruptor, wurde Gas was fest zuvor."

In German we have much more possibilities where to put the words of a sentence than in English let alone Klingon ;)


In the sentence bIr lep, bIr is the verb, be cold and lep is the noun solid, so the sentence means The solid is cold.


thanks to all for your kind and highly appreciated support. In my attempt to get on with my Klingon skills fast (and furious), sometimes I overdo it and get completely lost: mistaking nouns for verbs and verbs for nouns. Out of curiosity: with lep and taj being nouns, would "lep Sub 'oH taj Sub'e'" at least grammatically be ok?


lep 'oH taj'e' The knife is a solid.

It doesn't mean the knife is particularly hard; it means the knife is not a liquid, gas, or plasma.

lep Sub 'oH taj Sub'e' The solid knife is a solid solid.


It IS at least grammatically ok and also an interesting statement that is not factually incorrect, but seems somehow misleading and incomplete. majQa'!

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