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  5. "This is a pretty garden."

"This is a pretty garden."

Translation:هٰذِهِ حَديقة جَميلة.

December 16, 2019



Again, like in other cases in other places with هذا, this question tells you that you are wrong for not using the alif dagger. It shouldn't. هٰذِهِ is equivalent to هذه.


Please, can this be fixed already????


To me (28/8/2020) all answers without the 'harakats' are accepted in the browser version of the course

This (هده) is accepted as a valid answer, but below it points out: "Another correct solution" and the same text, but with the diacritics (هٰذِهِ)


How do you say 'this garden is pretty'? (Vs 'this is a pretty garden')... How do you know if the adjective is supposed to come before or after?


this garden is pretty = هذه الحديقة جميلة (not the addition of ال to حديقة)

Adjectives always come after the noun or pronoun in Arabic.


This is really annoying, I cant type a dagger alif on my phone so it keeps registering as incorrect, but I'm trying to avoid the 'tapping tests' where you pick words from those offered because these 'helpful hints' actually stop me from truly learning vocab !! Pls fix this already!!


Quelqu'un sait quelle est la différence entre هذا et هذِهِ ?

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