I love Arabic language and it is my childhood dream to speak it fluently!!! Duolingo makes great job, i really hope you will put more new lesson soon !!! :)

December 16, 2019


Best of luck with your Arabic language journey :)

Now that I see a post from an Arabic moderator, I take the opportunity to thank you and your colleagues for your involvement. Would you have additional information from the contributors on when a longer tree will be available? I will soon reach the end of this tree and have still a lot to learn to have a very basic conversation.

Hey there Zofcia

it is my childhood dream to speak it fluently

Me too!

Good luck for both of us ;)

Good luck, we'll help you if you want

Amazing!! Keep going, I'm Arabian hope all success for you:)

Would I know your native language? I want to see if it's similar to Arabic, because I want to know is Arabic hard for people, or it's depends on their native language, anyway just a question:)

I am Polish native, it is totally different than my language of my languages group, but i love the sound and the letters :)

I am French speaking, learning Arabic out of English. It was easier for me to learn Italian, which is much closer to French. I jumped to the next lesson after level 1, in Arabic I need the 5 levels to start remembering the words. That’s the beauty of Duo, you can adapt your learning method.

Arabic is a most wonderful language. It has become my whole day to study this.

I will not live long enough to reach the fulfillment of this journey but am most grateful for the opportunity to be on this course.

why will you not live long enough to reach the fulfillment of the journey?

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