I love Arabic language and it is my childhood dream to speak it fluently!!! Duolingo makes great job, i really hope you will put more new lesson soon !!! :)

December 16, 2019


Best of luck with your Arabic language journey :)

Now that I see a post from an Arabic moderator, I take the opportunity to thank you and your colleagues for your involvement. Would you have additional information from the contributors on when a longer tree will be available? I will soon reach the end of this tree and have still a lot to learn to have a very basic conversation.

I appreciate your kind words. Unfortunately I am only a forum moderator, I have no relation with the course contribution process or anything related to the course. I am trying my best to help other learners here as far as I can.

Many thanks in any case for your contribution as moderator.

Farouk: Maybe you can help me. I was born in Egypt from European parents and learned Arabic on the streets of Cairo. That was over 70 years ago and have not spoken since. I have been taking the Arabic course on Duo and struggling because the words and pronunciation are so different from the Arabic I knew. However I have been progressing and enjoying it when suddenly at the end of the second part of the tree, they changed speakers and the dialect. Now I am really having problems and i fear I will give up, and I don't want to. Can you explain what type of Arabic they were teaching and what type they are now using. And why would it be so different from the Arabic I knew as a young boy in Cairo. Thank you for your help.

Hey there Zofcia

it is my childhood dream to speak it fluently

Me too!

Good luck for both of us ;)

Good luck, we'll help you if you want

Amazing!! Keep going, I'm Arabian hope all success for you:)

Would I know your native language? I want to see if it's similar to Arabic, because I want to know is Arabic hard for people, or it's depends on their native language, anyway just a question:)

I am Polish native, it is totally different than my language of my languages group, but i love the sound and the letters :)

Oh Polish! I don't know, but I think from the first it's not look like Arabic.. Good luck for you my friend, and if you needed any help you know where to go ^u^

No no Polish is totally different :) Thank you sooo much and good luck to you too!!!

Yes.. that what I said. You are welcome:)

I am French speaking, learning Arabic out of English. It was easier for me to learn Italian, which is much closer to French. I jumped to the next lesson after level 1, in Arabic I need the 5 levels to start remembering the words. That’s the beauty of Duo, you can adapt your learning method.

Woh.. Yes, I think Italian, Spanish, .. seem similar for French than Arabic, but still nice to learn Arabic. Keep going:)

Mine just updated more content! Check your tree for additional lessons.

What do you mean "more content"? More after checkpoint 4???? And are you using the web-based version? Or which version are you using? It seems so strange that everybody has been asking for more content and wondering when and if it will happend and here you are saying that you have more and nobody has reacted to your statement... Would you care to elaborate?

Same checkpoint but lessons were added per a pop up and when I went back some lessons had orange. I’m still on the 3 part of the tree so will go back soon after my regular lesson time.

What version are you using that got updated?

Only the font to small, i have to zoom my eyes when doing Arabic

Thanks for your feelings. Can you speak arabic with me? مرحبا كيف حالك؟

Still i know only few words hahah:)

Hey learners!!! i got a question to you guys about arabic language. I am still crazy about it, so i started to look for new way to learn, i went to a lecture about it and i discover that what i may learn alone is Fusha, now each country has its own dialect or even few dialects. My grandmother was Lebaneese so, i am used to Lebaneese and syrian dialect for example i used to say ,,M`a baref" if i dont know something. Let me know which dialects do you speak :)

Hi! In my country Saudi Arabia there's no specific dialect, it has more than one. But they aren't so different, maybe just few words in each one is different.. The popular are Najdi, Janubi, Jiddawi, Hijazi..

And I don't speak a specific one, I speak public Arabic at all, because we in school are not from the same region, so we usually don't talk by a dialect to we all understand each other and don't face a strange word, can you understand? :)

Yeah totally, thank you sooo much:)

You are welcome;)

Please make the font bigger! I have to use a magnifying glass and can barely see the words!

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